Support month!

September 2017 is Support Month here at Stay Mean. It's like a pledge drive, except we're mostly asking you to support us in ways that are FREE. We're hoping that, if you like the stuff we make, you'll do at least one of these things this month.



Fill out our listener survey.

We're trying to learn a little bit about our audience, both for our ourselves ("Who exactly is downloading all these mp3s?") and so we can pitch our shows to sponsors. This is the first listener survey we've done, and it's entirely anonymous.

Subscribe to our new Stay Mean tinyletter.

We've been publishing a monthly newsletter on Patreon since before we started our first show. Now, we're moving our monthly updates about the network to a tinyletter (an email newsletter). We hope to do more with our monthly updates, like interviewing friends of the network, or featuring original writing from our community.

Rate and review our shows on Apple Podcasts.

This helps us attract new listeners, and shows sponsors that we're worth their attention!

Here's some links where you can do that:

Tweet about our shows, or about Support Month!

Maybe you could include a link to,, or, our cute URL for this page.




And, if you can spend some money, we'd love to have you as a patron; we're trying to get to 700 patrons this month (we're coming into the month with about 500 patrons — thanks, patrons!).

Become a patron of Stay Mean on Patreon.

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